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Audio editing and Copywriting services


You are most valuable when you are recording, let us do the grunt work.

  • Provide your raw voice file and we will make it customer ready.

  • If you've already done some edits, we will finalize it for you.

  • Let us run a proof review and provide script markups for you to finalize.

    • This is particularly valuable in long form. When we get involved in a script, we can accidentally use words or phrasing that doesn't precisely match the author. Even when we listen back to our own audio we can miss the error because that is how we want it to sound. Having a second set of ears to review the script will help insure that the final recording is word perfect.​

Copy editing and proofing

  • You provide basic outlines or complete scripts and we will create a voice ready product.

  • If the author has given permission to improve the flow for voice we can edit the text without changing the author's intent.

    • Some written text is just awkward to read aloud. Our editors are skilled at smoothing the delivery for the voice without altering the meaning of the original.
      If you have a reluctant author we can provide a short sample of our work for them to consider free of charge.​


"Steve Black is one of the most competent and professional people I've had the pleasure to work with in the industry. In addition to delivering pristine audio, he goes 'above and beyond' to help the narrator deliver their best possible performance. I'd work with him again and again in a heartbeat!"

"Steve has an eagle eye for proofing and caught even the most subtle things that needed fixing. He does a great job, and his notes are clear and easy to follow...made doing my follow-up voiceover cleanups a breeze."

"I have put off out-sourcing editing and mastering on my audiobooks for a long-time.   I finally broke down and acquired the services of Steve Black and wow, was I a happy-camper.  He is dedicated to quality work, committed to a timely delivery and reasonable with his rates.  What more could you ask for?"

Coaching and Directing



  • You have begun your journey and you are improving every day. Now it's time to get some coaching directed to your specific needs.

    • We can coach you from your current position and help you grow.

    • We will develop training based on your personal goals.



  • You have the job, but aren't exactly sure how to get your best performance.

    • A live director will guide you through your delivery to insure that only your best performance makes it to the customer.


"Steve has a great approach to VO coaching. It goes beyond the traditional acting methods and standards. He also has a great ear for your reads to give feedback and also can see things in a script you may not and help you see them also.


I recommend him as both a VO coach and even someone to help you with an important audition!"

"During my time with him, Steve was incredibly knowledgeable about the craft of voice acting. He guided me by acknowledging my strengths and calling out my weaknesses.


He'd be an asset to anyone wanting to either learn some voice tricks or hone their tempered skills."

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