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Edward Thompson

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Your Script My Voice

With 30+ years of voice work, I can bring your script to life. Together, we can create an amazing product for you. I have performed for audiences nationwide on stage and have coached hundreds of vocalists and speakers. Through these varied experiences, I have developed the unique ability to deliver a meaningful and tailored message that you will love. Look no further. You will get the best available product right here. You will be thrilled with the results or I will make it right.

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The Cambridge Dictionary says:

Learning done by studying at home using computers and courses provided on the internet.

At Your Sound Studios we think it is so much more. eLearning provides the opportunity to train unlimited numbers with one well crafted product. When you work with Your Sound Studios you have the resources of a professional recording studio at your disposal. From copywriting services to mastering, your script will be prepared with precision.


Get in touch to discuss the details of your next project.

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From automotive to banking, food & beverage to travel & entertainment, anything with a customer base relies on the way the message is perceived. Ed can captivate & persuade, impress & guide, inform & motivate your buyer to the right decision; purchasing your product.

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A collection of short stories or the next Great American Novel, Western or SciFi, Romance or Comedy, we do it all. Let Ed bring your characters to life, describe the epic scenery or simply tell the story in a way that always keeps the listener entranced.

If you want a no compromise, full service, custom recording studio produced audiobook, look no further, Your Sound Studios will make it happen.

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