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Private Voice Coaching...
Your Sound Studios' coaches will work with you to improve your skills as a singer and performer.  Whether you are a beginner or have been behind the microphone for many years there is always room for improvement. Let us help you discover your maximum potential.
Examples of available coaching...
Breathing and support: Learn how to get the most from every breath.
Music reading skills: What do all those dots mean, anyway?
Harmonizing by ear: Find the harmonies for any melody.
Singing in a chorus/choir: Discover how to be the best chorus singer you can be.
Performance skills: A great entertainer needs more than just a good voice.
Interpretation: You can make the song yours.
Let our coaches custom design a training program tailored to your skills and goals.
What our clients have to say...

Steve is more than a vocal coach. I think of him as a vocal sculptor! Using a personalized training program, he helps to shape vocal production, visual presentation, and interpretation into an artistic result, ever refining as the client’s skills develop.
--Susan Marshall

Steve is patient and capable when it comes to working with both individuals and groups to help them improve their vocal presentation.  He recently worked with me to prepare an audition CD for a solo I would like to perform as part of my church's Christmas music.  The session went well.  I had worked the song before arriving, but I was having some problems with vocal placement, Steve showed me how to work some vowel sounds and the whole thing came together.  I am very pleased with the resulting CD.
--Tom Black

Steve Black worked with me on singing and piano technique for about 2 years up until I went off to college. During my lessons he often encouraged me to release my fear and bring out a dramatic stage presence, emphasizing that singing is just as profound as acting and that all singers can be actors. Steve also worked with me on breath support and posture; posture was a big deal since it also contributes to your stage presence as well as confidence while performing. On the piano, we discussed the circle of fifths and chord progressions within songs and related it to improvisation in accompaniment. Over all, working with Steve was pleasant and he brought my musical learning experience to the next level.
--Chelsea Steeb

I first met Steve as the director of a Sweet Adelines group.  From there, we began private voice lessons.  Steve has an amazing voice, and technique and the unique ability to share it in ways that people can learn it.  When we first started, I had never had any training, but had a decent range and the ability to carry a tune.  He asked me my goal--it was (and is) to be the best I can be.  Steve has helped me to accomplish that beyond my wildest expectations and continues to help me push the boundaries.  With his help, I have sung styles of music I may never had attempted, and performed them in ways that spoke to people's souls.  I sing as a soloist and as a member of small groups-most recently having performed a couple songs with Steve.  The reception to that performance and my solo the following week was incredible and brought out comments relating to the progress I have made over the time we have worked together (many have watched my progress!) to comments relating to "seeing me on TV in the future"... I have a confidence I never had before, and techniques that are now nearing my passion for singing--thanks to Steve!  I am excited to continue to work with him and see how high I can fly---and continuously recommend his services for anyone that wants to improve their singing.
--Nancy Lohman

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