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Use the following choices to customize your CD:
Base price $20.00
Additional charges may apply, please see options below.

Music Bed:



Texas Rock                              
Adult Contemporary          
Street Life

Fugal Fury

Custom music selections can be found at
The Music Bakery

Please select options with at least 3 minutes of audio.

Please select approximately 40 affirmations.
You may use any combination from the selections below.
 Affirmations will be grouped on your CD by topic
followed by any custom additions that you include.

Note: If no affirmations are selected a CD with approximately 30 affirmations will be created for you.

Personal: I am a great person
I am smart
When I set my mind to a challenge I will solve it
I am a great friend
I am always prompt
I am reliable
I am a wonderful lover
I am amazing
I read about success
I learn something new every day
I am beautiful
I am sexy
I love myself
I am loved
I am quick with a smile
I am slow to anger
I am positive and upbeat
I have wonderful friends that love me
If I say it is going to happen, it happens
I admit when I'm wrong quickly and do what I can to make it right
Health and Wellness: I am healthy
I am strong
I am physically fit
I eat healthy food
I eat appropriate portions
I sleep restfully and my dreams are filled with beauty
I exercise every day
I am slim
I always have plenty of energy
I wake up in the morning refreshed and in a good mood
Business: I am honest
I am successful at whatever I do
I am fair
I focus on my customers needs
I am wise with my money
I am recognized at my job for the great work that I do
I am a successful manager
I make valuable contacts daily
I always receive top notch referrals
I am highly respected in my field
Spirituality: I study scripture daily
I read my bible each day
I attend services regularly
I pray often
My walk with God grows stronger each day
I give offerings from my best
Voice:  Steve Alexandra Susan (Click on names for voice examples)
CD Text:
Personal information:
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eMail address        

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Your Sound Studios does not sell or otherwise distribute customer information.

  This product is still in the design phase.

Please feel free to suggest a new topic, or affirmation that you think should be included in the standard list.

  Thank you for your participation in this new project.  I am sure that you will benefit from this powerful tool.


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